New Printing Wrist and Ankle Weights

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Item No.: JYAW0014;

Material: Neoprene+Iron Sand;

Weight: 0.5kg*2pcs/0.75kg*2pcs/1kg*2pcs/1.5kg*2pcs/2kg*2pcs/2.5kg*2pcs

Wearable Wrist & Ankle Weights – weight loss bracelet, for walking, jogging, travel, yoga, gym, homeworking out, strength training…

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1)【Adjustable and Secure Fit】- Durable Velcro straps allow you to adjust weights to your desired size and tightness for a secure fit, Leg weights stay in place so you can walk, jump, and exercise freely and comfortably. Perfect for walking outdoors, on treadmills, taking to the gym, or using in the comfort of home for leg raises, ab exercises, and butt-building workouts.

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2)【Comfortable & Versatile】- Soft neoprene material wraps comfortably around ankles so you barely notice wearing them as you workout . The material helps absorb sweat to reduce slipping. Perfect for any age user, and for all fitness levels, whether you’re starting to building strength or want to intensify your current workouts. They’re also ideal for rehabilitation and recovery, easy on joints and weak muscle areas.

New Printing Wrist and Ankle Weights (2)

3)【Color-Coded Resistance】- Color coded weights range from 0.5kg to 2.5kg or 1 to 5 pounds so you can get just the right resistance level, and gradually increase as you build strength. The lightweight, compact size is easy to carry so you can take them to the gym or in luggage while traveling to fit in a workout anywhere.

New Printing Wrist and Ankle Weights (3)

4)【Customize Your Workout】- They have wide application range, which are wonderful auxiliary tools in exercising, they are widely used in various work out like: walking, hiking, jogging, core training, gymnastics, aerobics and many other gym and fitness workouts, which helps increase strength, physical therapy, rehabilitation, leg workouts, build up leg muscles and home working out. Teenagers and children can also use them in gymnastics and dance training. And they can be used for both indoor and outdoor exercises.

New Printing Wrist and Ankle Weights (4)

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