New Multi-Functional Foldable Push Up Board with Resistance Bands

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Item No.: JYPU0023;

Material: ABS;

Foldable style with resistance bands.

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1)Premium Quality Material:The push up board is made of high quality ABS material with strong toughness. The resistance band is made of high-density nylon webbing material, durable enough to withstand the pulling force of up to 250 lb. The non-slip push up handles provide a firm grip and distribute pressure evenly to reduce joint pressure. There are also added non-slip plugs to help stabilize your body while exercising .

2)Multipurpose Home Gym:The Foldable Pushup Board is color-coded for Multiple Highly Effective pushup postures, optimizing your push up technique and reducing errors, Combining with Resistance Bands, it will allow you to get strength training, resistance workouts, and cardio exercise right at the comfort of your home! It perfect for your home gym or dedicated exercise equipment areas .

3)Muscle Max Push Up: Multi-function upgraded push up bars specifically designed to target different muscle groups (chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, and back) while engaging your core. Scientifically proven to activate 30% to 50% more muscles. Detailed instructions are provided with professional training guide for developing your major and minor muscle groups;

4)Convienet & made for anyone: This foldable push up bar is easy to carry, store and use. Its unique design suits different workout needs for all age group. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the push up board elevates core and upper body strength training;

5)Easy to Use: Insert the handles to your desired position and you can begin your workout! Simply change where you want to exercise by selecting the special muscle groups you want to focus on. By inserting the hand grip according to the different colors, you can excersize your shoulders(red), chest(blue),triceps(green)and back(yellow) and the resistance bands help stretch muscle movement. Beginners can easily and safely exercise

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